We offer the following links to assist you in your personal study of the Bible. The fact that we provide these links is not intended to communicate that we agree with everything that will be found on the sites or that we agree with or endorse the sponsors of the various sites, but we do feel that there will be profitable material at these links.

- Have you read the "Wordless Book"?
- two ways to live: the choice we all face

Free Bible Study Software
- E-Sword
- The Word

Bible Study Tools
- Pictorial Survey of the Bible

Sermons and Commentaries Online
- PreceptAustin. A very helpful collection of commentaries, sermons, and other resources for each book of the Bible.
- Westminster Shorter Catechism Project  offers links that give commentary and illustration for each question of the catechism. A valuable resource for a study of theology.
- The Spurgeon Archive. Many of the sermons and writings of Charles H. Spurgeon are gathered online.
- John MacArthur’s Sermons are all available for free download as audio files or transcripts.
- Believers Chapel has made available the teaching of Dr. S. Lewis Johnson in audio format. The SLJ Institute has his teaching available in audio and in transcribed formats. These are great resource for students and teachers of the Bible.

Music Resources
- The Cyber Hymnal is a wonderful resource for the words, music, midi files, and backgrounds for thousands of hymns.
- Another on line hymnal is from
- A rich blessing on the internet is the continual playing of wonderful traditional hymns and songs of the faith. Consider a visit to Abiding Radio.

Christian Biography
- Wholesome Words Biographies
- Precept Austin Biographies
- Desiring God Biographies