Men's Ministry

Last updated on October 16, 2018

The men of Terrell Bible Church meet twice a quarter on the third Saturday of the month.  Breakfast and fellowship begin at 8:00am followed by a rich time of discussion, prayer, and spiritual encouragement in God's Word.

Current Study
The Exemplary Husband: A Biblical Perspective
by Stuart Scott

September 16, 2017: Chapter 1 - A Husband's Understanding of His Present Condition
October 21, 2017: Chapter 2 - A Husband's Understanding of God
January 20, 2018: Chapter 3 - A Husband's Understanding of Man and Sin
March 17, 2018: Chapter 4 - A Husband's Understanding of Relationships
April 21, 2018: Chapter 5 - A Husband's Understanding of Marriage
September 15, 2018: Chapter 6 - A Husband's Understanding of His Role
October 20, 2018: Chapter 7 - A Husband's Responsibility - Worshiping Christ Only


Previous Study
Respectable Sins

Confronting the Sins We Tolerate
by Jerry Bridges

Study Guides:
Chapter 20: Worldliness (PDF)
Chapter 19: Sins of the Tongue (PDF)
Chapter 18: Envy, Jealousy, and Related Sins (PDF)
Chapter 17: Judgmentalism (PDF)
Chapter 16: The Weeds of Anger (PDF)
Chapter 15: Anger (PDF)
Chapter 14: Impatience and Irritability (PDF)
Chapter 13: Lack of Self-Control (PDF)
Chapter 12: Selfishness (PDF)
Chapter 11: Pride (PDF)
Chapter 10: Unthankfulness (PDF)
Chapter 9: Discontentment (PDF)
Chapter 8: Anxiety and Frustration (PDF)
Chapter 7: Ungodliness (PDF)
Chapter 6: Directions for Dealing with Sins (PDF)
Chapter 5: The Power of the Holy Spirit (PDF)
Chapter 4: The Remedy for Sin (PDF)
Chapter 3: The Malignancy of Sin (PDF)
Chapter 2: The Disappearance of Sin (PDF)
Chapter 1: Ordinary Saints (PDF)